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Who is The Foresight Group?

Robert Wiedemer

RobertRobert Wiedemer is President and CEO of the Foresight Group, a macroeconomic and risk assessment firm that helps investors and businesses make better decisions through well informed and objective economic forecasts and analysis.


Mr. Wiedemer has been the driving force behind the economics team that predicted the current downturn in the economy in 2006 with the book, America’s Bubble Economy.  He also acts as the primary investment valuation advisor to the Small Business Administration’s SBIC venture capital program, the largest fund of venture capital funds in the world with over $20 billion invested in 370 venture funds with more than 4500 investments across the US. 

Prior to founding The Foresight Group, Mr. Wiedemer was the CEO
and co-founder of Imark, an information services company.  He raised
venture capital lead the company through an IPO and sold the company
to a private buyer.

He speaks to groups of investors and economists including the New York
Hedge Fund Roundtable, the World Bank, the Japan Commerce Society
and the National Press Club.  He is a frequent commentator in the press,
CNBC and others.

Mr. Wiedemer holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Dr. David Wiedemer

DavidDr. David Wiedemer is Chief Economist for The Foresight Group, heading up the firm’s macroeconomic research efforts.

Dr. Wiedemer was the co-author of America’s Bubble Economy, the landmark book published in 2006 that accurately predicted the current Great Recession and the popping of the housing, private credit, stock and consumer spending bubbles.  His series of predictions and convictions were contrarian to most major economists and government officials.

Dr. Wiedemer began his career as an entrepreneur co-founding a NASDAQ listed information services company based on his patented information technologies. Dr. Wiedemer has held senior management positions with several Washington, DC-area high technology companies and holds thirteen domestic and international patents on information technology.

Prior to writing America’s Bubble Economy, Dr. Wiedemer worked
on developing a new economic framework for better understanding
how the economy evolves called STEP Science, Technology,
Economics, Politics (STEP) Evolution. STEP Evolution is the basis
for his highly accurate and prescient predictions about the economy.

Dr. Wiedemer holds a PhD in economics from the University of
Wisconsin - Madison and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Cindy Spitzer

CindyCindy Spitzer is Chief Communications Officer for The Foresight Group.

Cindy Spitzer is an award-winning writer based in Baltimore, MD, who has coauthored, edited, written, and consulted on 23 books since 1993.  With a rare combined background in science, marketing, and journalism, Ms. Spitzer is especially adept at translating difficult or complex topics into clear, concise, can't-put-it-down copy for targeted audiences.  Her books include Chicken Soup for the Soul (HCI, 1993), America’s Bubble Economy (Wiley, 2006), Aftershock (Wiley, 2009), Buy and Hold is Dead (Morgan James, 2009), Wilson’s Way (Book Surge, 2009), Sex of Grownups (HCI, tbr 2010), and many others.

Prior to writing and editing books, Ms. Spitzer contributed news and in-depth feature articles to more than 40 newspapers and magazine nationwide, including the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Newsweek Magazine’s Newsweek on Campus and many other publications.  She has also written for the US Department of Energy, National Institute on Drug
Abuse, National Institute for Science and Technology,
Federal Express Corporation, Marriott Corporation, and
a wide range of other clients.

While a graduate student in Science Journalism at the
University of Maryland, Ms. Spitzer garnered three First
Place writing awards from the prestigious Society of
Professional Journalists for both In-depth Reporting and
Magazine Feature writing.  She graduated with honors with
a BA in Biology from the State University of New York,
Purchase College in 1985.